Thanks to our volunteers from our PTO president

IMG_6163I want to take a moment to send a shout out to all the parents who volunteered in the classroom and for the PTO this year. We all know that great programs come from great teachers, supportive administration and involved families. Whether you contributed to the advocacy of the Montessori High School expansion, volunteered for a field trip, clipped BoxTops, helped with a classroom project, assisted a classroom shadowing experience, proctored an EOG, or donated time or money to our PTO, we appreciate all that you have done to support our growing school.
          Your dedicated and talented PTO leadership team accomplished a tremendous amount of work this year. Each member of our leadership team played an important role of our many successes. It truly took a village to make it all happen. I greatly appreciate the time and talents of all of our PTO volunteers, but I would like to note a few key players who have been instrumental in laying down the groundwork for our newly developing PTO.
          We would not have the incredible program website, weekly e-blast communication, fabulous pictures and an active Facebook page without countless hours donated by our very talented Janet Haas, who has gone well above and beyond to bring our program communication into the 21st century and to reach hundreds of new families. Good news…She is staying on as Communications Chair next year. Yay!!!
          You newer folks may not know this, but this is the first year we have ever had spirit wear. A huge shout out to the creative talents of Rachel Rodden for coordinating and producing such unique shirts, magnets and signs. Wait until you all see the groundwork she is laying for our graphic design micro-economies program that ties into our merchandise work. This woman wears multiple PTO/A hats between Highland Mill and Sedgefield Montessori: liaison, fundraising, shadowing, merchandise, micro-economies, MPAG representative (I am sure I missed about 6 more). She is absolutely engrossed in public Montessori education, and we are lucky to have her at Sedgefield.
          Everyone knows Doug and Trish Sheridan.  If you don’t, you should. They are, without a doubt, our biggest cheerleaders and not only do they have a great passion for this program but they are wonderfully gifted in sharing their passion through speaking up at school board meetings, leading our Elementary Liaison program, co-chairing the social committee and creating a wonderful open house experience for our interested families. These folks know what they are doing. They helped to shape the PTO of Chantilly Montessori 10 years ago.
          Beth Borachok graciously took on the challenging role of Treasurer for us this year. Believe it or not, we started from scratch, and she has helped us create a budget we can work with over the next few years, keeps us squared away with taxes and bank accounts and even introduced “The Square” that we use for onsite credit card purchases. She spent hours coordinating money coming in and money going out throughout the year. She is another highly dedicated parent who has been an active volunteer at Park Road Montessori and advocate of the Secondary Montessori program for many years.
          Keeping our staff happy and appreciated is extremely important, and we had a very successful holiday group gift and Staff Appreciation week, thanks to Lori Michaels and Renee Robinson and all the parents who donated time and money to these efforts. I think our teachers feel the love, and boy, do they deserve it!
          There are so many more people who stepped up this year to pull of some great projects that are the stepping stones to our future successes. You-all are very appreciated, and I look forward to new families joining our PTO efforts and assisting the program as your time, talents and finances allow. Your involvement does shape your child’s educational experience and helps to shape the future of this growing program, soplease  look for ways you can serve this community.  And as I said before, it really does take a village, and we can always use more villagers.
Thanks for a great year,
Dara Whittle
PTO President

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