Upper El Kid’s Camp: Fall 2016 a big success!

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The Sedgefield Montessori students welcomed 11 upper el students from our surrounding Montessori elementary schools on Nov. 8, a teacher workday. It was a day of fun, projects, group initiatives and a glimpse at what a day looks like in Secondary Montessori. We owe a BIG “thank you” to the middle and high school counselors for their leadership and engagement with the upper el students. Another BIG “thank you” goes out to the adult volunteers, led by Shea Chambers, who supervised, got their hands dirty and made the day possible. The group planted trees by the front entrance and four large pots with perennials located around the campus. They painted, assembled and located two bird baths made from clay pots near the front parking lot green areas.

Look for more Kid’s Camp’s opportunities on future teacher workdays, and contact Shea Chambers if you are interested in helping plan a future Kid’s Camp.


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