Celebrating 25 years of public Montessori: Order commemorative bricks by February 15

Check out this video of Maggie Barker, one of our most beloved local Montessorians, speaking on the 25th anniversary of public Montessori. She has touched so many families in our community, tirelessly advocated for Montessori and is a true Montessori pioneer. We hope she is enjoying retirement!

Organizers are almost halfway to their fundraising goal with a little over a month left to purchase bricks for the 25th Anniversary Peace Garden. Please check www.25YearsPublicMontessori.com for new ordering options, including the opportunity to help buy group bricks for our specials teachers, administrators and founding educators, among others. Help build this beautiful commemorative garden by donating today at www.25YearsPublicMontessori.com.

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