PTSO deliberates future school name, mascot and logo colors


February 28 PTSO meeting at Kickstand Burger Bar

After much deliberation and thought by engaged parents, teachers and students, our PTSO agreed upon the following names to present to the Superintendent for review and to the Board of Education for approval:

  1. John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori
  2. Williams Secondary Montessori
  3. John Taylor Williams Montessori

Our top three contenders for school mascot are the Phoenix, Trailblazers and Explorers. The student body will vote on mascot and logo colors tomorrow, and the final results will be shared soon.

To learn more about discussion surrounding school name, mascot and logo colors, check out the February 28, 2017 PTSO meeting minutes. Thanks to our PTSO Secretary, Heather Ruckterstuhl, for the quick turnaround and detailed meeting minutes, and thanks to everyone for their input. This truly was a community effort!

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