Updates from Montessori Parent Advisory Group about CMS Secondary Montessori campus, CHICKENS and more!

CMS-LogoThe Montessori Parent Advisory Group is made up of two parents from each of the five CMS Montessori schools. They meet each quarter to discuss parent concerns, provide feedback from a Montessori perspective on things happening at the district level, and they serve as an additional community voice within the district. Secondary Montessori representatives are Trish Sheridan and Dara Whittle. Here’s a sampling of what was discussed at the most recent meeting:

AMS Accreditation
The district is going to speatrhead (and PAY FOR!!) the process of having all five schools accredited by the American Montessori Society. It is a very long and involved process that will pull in parent leadership over the coming years. The brunt of the work will be put on staff and administration, but there will be a role for community to play as well. It starts with ordering the “kit” and a self-evaluation that will help get each school in line with AMS best practices.

Update on Secondary Montessori
Construction is under way at the new campus. Material orders are complete. Everything from bookshelves to beakers has to be ordered well in advance, and it involves input and coordination across many levels of the administration

Ms Sophia met up with CMS Transportation recently and reported that there will be options to have both neighborhood stops and shuttle stops, potentially cutting down on bus commutes if enough families participate. Details are emerging, but we won’t, likely, have concrete details before late summer, when Transportation normally announces bus routes and pick-up and drop-off times.

A list of school names will be presented and, hopefully, voted upon at the next School Board Meeting. Names will be ordered according to survey results. We will announce our new campus’ official name as soon as we can.

The Magnet Office is coordinating with Facilities to ensure the new campus will be outfitted with a greenhouse and CHICKENS!! What?!? Super exciting. Way to go, CMS, on going all in!

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