Show our amazing staff some appreciation by donating today

Mr. Brian and Ms. Patti Taddio recovering after Middle School Fall Camp

It’s that time of year to show our teaching staff just how much we appreciate their meaningful, diligent work. We are collecting donations though our PTSO Paypal account as well as checks sent to Sedgefield Montessori PTSO, P.O. Box 242021, Charlotte, NC 28224. The collected funds will go towards gift cards that will be equitably divided among the teaching staff (both middle and high school).

Donate online today. No Paypal account is required.

In addition to a monetary donation, we would love to have all of our families consider writing an email, letter or card to their teachers and/or staff. These personal messages are meaningful and help nurture them in feeling valued and appreciated. Feel free to send them on your own or send them to the P.O. box. PTSO representatives will present them collectively to staff along gift cards.

“Our teachers pour their heart and soul into their jobs. We all know that teaching anywhere is a demanding job but even more so for our Montessori teachers. Montessori teachers not only have to go through Montessori training, but they are held to a high expectation to provide a quality Montessori educational experience for our kids, in addition to meeting all of the mandatory requirements from the state and county. They are incredible people who are dedicating a tremendous amount of time and effort to providing our students with a meaningful educational experience. Please take a moment to say thanks!”

-Dara Whittle, 2016-2017 PTSO President, Sedgefield Montessori

The deadline for collecting both money and personal messages will be Friday, June 2.


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