Invest / PTSO Membership Updates

Invest in Secondary Montessori

We’re days away from the end of our Fall Invest in Secondary Montessori campaign.  This campaign ends on October 15th.  The money collected through this fundraising effort goes directly to our students, teachers and classrooms.  We’ve collected $2,645.00 from our families and have received a grant of $4,000.00 from Chantilly Montessori. We’ve gathered $6,645.00 towards our goal of $14,000.  Help us continue to build Williams Montessori and contribute today.

Click this link to make your contribution.

Your donations are tax deductible, and many employers will donate or provide a matching donation in your child’s name. Donors can deduct contributions under IRC Section 170. Please contact the Treasurer for the tax ID.

PTSO Membership

Keep the momentum going, sign up to join the PTSO!  Contribute $20 for a family membership.  55 families have joined the Williams Montessori PTSO with 30 families to go to meet our goal of 100% participation.  Sign up here.

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