We need your help photographing Williams Montessori events. The photos we collect may be used in various ways: the school yearbook, facebook page, weekly newsletters, event notices and any communications related to the school.

Teachers, staff, students, parents, guardians,

We are missing photos (and videos) from the following events for Williams Montessori. If you have any, could you please share them by uploading to the WM photo site following the directions below.

  •        9th grade intersession camp
  •        9th grade rites of passage
  •        9th grade intersession (any other activities or events)
  •        Miscellaneous classroom and during the day school photos
  •        November Open House event
  •        Wednesday Walk-throughs
  •        Upper El student visits to WM
  •        Mountain biking practices
  •        Other

How to:

Upload photos

Click the link below and drag and drop your photos on the window when prompted.

Note: Since this is a general folder for all uploaded photos, you will need to label your photos before uploading them (include a date and event name in each: for example—20170824-WM Meet and Greet; 20170927-WM Fall Picnic).

Bulk rename photos (before uploading)

Select all photos for the event in your folder on your computer, right click to type in the date and event. They should all be automatically renamed and numbered.

Email Karen Aman that photos have been uploaded so they can be filed appropriately.

To be part of the photography committee, email Karen here or sign up for specific events,

We’d love photos of the Middle School or High School camping trips. See photo uploading information above to share photos, even if it’s just two or three pictures. Thank you!

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