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Community Support


Students helping at the Pop up Market on our campus.  This is Ella Culpepper, Lily Culpepper’s sister, working to serve the local residents.

Neighborhood News

Camp North End continues to grow and attract Charlotte residents as well as media attention.  Charlotte Five posted this piece on Camp North End recently.

Spirit Wear

The new line of spirit wear will come out after winter break.  Look for shirts, hoodies, womens style tee shirts and tech wear.  Thanks go to Rachel Rodden and Elizabeth Herger for working hard to bring us many great spirit wear options.

Contact Community Parents  

The Community Parents have received feedback that some families are not receiving email notifications from the PTSO regarding gifts and classroom needs.  If you have not received emails from the community parents and would like to be included, please contact Jessica DeLing to confirm your correct email address.  We are so grateful for your support.

Soccer Club – respond by 1/1/2018

We are gauging interest for a John Taylor Williams Secondary Montessori Boys 7th-8th Grade “club” soccer team in the Spring of 2018.  Registration will be coordinated through the Charlotte Junior Soccer (CJS) league starting in January.  As this is a social “club” team, and not a county school team, a fee of $150 per player will be required by each player/family, payable to CJS through their online registration process.  More details and instructions will be available prior to registering.

The season typically starts in early March and ends in Late May, with games on Saturdays between 8 and 2 pm at a local city field.  The age range for the division will be 13-14 years.  The league will allow some leniency for slightly older/younger players, but this will depend on skill/competency of the player for safety concerns.  Players with 3-5 years (or more) of experience would be encouraged to participate.

Tentatively, we will aim for 1-2 practices per week at the school from 4:30 to 6 pm (hopefully Tues/Thursday) afternoons, but these details and JT Williams field availability are still being coordinated.

If your child is interested, please send Dara and Jake an email at the addresses below with subject “JT Williams U14 Boys Soccer” and provide your contact email address, and phone number, along with your child’s name, birth date, and years of experience.

Robotics Club – 1/8

Ms Monica and Mr Doug are starting a Robotics and Technology Club for interested students.  The first meeting will be held over winter break, digital asynchronous gathering in Google Classroom.  The second meeting will be held on Jan. 8 from 8:00-8:45 in the Media Center.  Contact Ms Monica or Mr Doug for more info.

Service Hours Opportunity – 1/25

Park Road Montessori is in need of babysitters for their Parent Education Night on January 25th, 5:15 – 7:45.  Sign up here:

Photographers, please share your photos!

Teachers, staff, students, parents, guardians,

We are missing photos (and videos) from the following events for Williams Montessori. If you have any, could you please share them by uploading to the WM photo site following the directions below.

  •        9th grade intersession camp
  •        9th grade rites of passage
  •        9th grade intersession (any other activities or events)
  •        Miscellaneous classroom and during the day school photos
  •        November Open House event
  •        Wednesday Walk-throughs
  •        Upper El student visits to WM
  •        Mountain biking practices
  •        Other

Here’s the upload information; if possible, please rename the photos or videos before you upload them.

Bulk rename photos (before uploading)

  •        Select all photos for the event in your folder on your computer
  •        Right click on one photo’s name field to type in the date and event (include a date and event name in each: for example—20170824-WM Meet and Greet; 20170927-WM Fall Picnic). They should all be automatically renamed and numbered.

Upload photos

  •        Click this link and drag and drop your photos on the window when prompted. Note: Since this is a general folder for all uploaded photos from multiple people, please rename them before you upload).
  •        Email Karen Aman that photos have been uploaded so they can be filed appropriately.

Mountain Bike Club

January practice schedule

Print and sign the waiver to participate.

Tuesday Bicycle Commute

The Tuesday Bicycle commute will pick back up in January 2018.  Start date TBD

Wednesday Walk Throughs – 1/24, 2/21

Interested to know what Secondary Montessori looks like in action?

Sign-up for a Wednesday Walk Through, students will guide you through an introductory community meeting as well as take you on a tour of our new campus. You’ll get to see our campus as well as observe Secondary Montessori in action in several classroom environments. The visit will end with a Q&A session where students, current parents, and staff members will be available to answer questions about our school.

Sign up for a Wednesday Walk Through here.

Co-coaching opportunities

The Ultimate Frisbee team is looking for a co-coach to help coach with Tom Parks.  Contact Tom for details about this opportunity.

Available PTSO positions

Outdoor Environment Chair – Work with staff to identify and prioritize areas of campus for enhancement/ beautification projects.  Help coordinate and promote campus work days.  

Treasurer Elect – Assists treasurer in duties throughout the year, attend PTSO meetings, participate in PTSO board voting and shadows for future treasurer role.

Program Historian/Alumni Coordinator – Document the major events that take place throughout the school year so we maintain a historical record of our school.

Trillium Springs Liaison-Parent representative from Trillium Springs possibly with a student at Williams Montessori to convey Williams Montessori information to the families at Trillium Springs Montessori.

Contact our PTSO president for details about these positions.


Williams Newsletter

Join the newsletter from your phone browser or from a computer, complete the following survey by typing this shortened link into the address bar,

School-wide communications from Ms Sophia via periodic text messages

To sign up for text and email communication, providing valuable day to day updates such as upcoming events, bus delays, etc. choose a method that best suits you from the sections below:

  1. If you have a smartphone, get push notifications.  On your iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to the following link:  Follow the instructions to sign up for Remind.  You’ll be prompted to download the mobile app.
  2. If you don’t have a smartphone, get text notifications.  Text the message@jtwm2017 to the number 81010.  If you’re having trouble with 81010, try texting @jtwm2017 to (469) 208-6429
  3. Don’t have a mobile phone?  Go to on a desktop to sign up for email notifications.


High School Remind Code

text @montihigh to 81010 to sign up for High School Learning Community’s Remind messages

Ms Katie’s Remind Codes

Biology – text @montibio to 81010

Forensic Science – text @monticrime to 81010

Ms Patti T and Mr. Brian Remind Codes

Middle School Community 100 – text @mstaddi to 81010

Ms Myneesha Remind Codes

Parent text – text @myneeshapa to 81010

Student text – text @myneeshast to 81010

Mr Doug and Ms Patti Remind Codes

Middle School Community 200 – text @mrdoug201 to 81010

Like Williams Montessori on Facebook to keep up on current events and happenings.

Join our parent discussion group on Facebook

Check out our website,

Upcoming Events

1/1 – respond to soccer club survey

1/8 – Robotics and Technology meeting

1/24 – Wednesday Walk Through

1/25 – Service Opportunity at PRM

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