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Love and Logic Parent Education

If you weren’t able attend the talk by Beth Hockman last night, you might be interested in the book, Parenting Teens with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and Foster Cline.

Ms Hockman described teen brains as often operating in the brain stem and amygdala region which equals emotion and fight or flight mode.  She also shared that the prefrontal cortex, the rational, logical mode is not fully developed until age 24-27.  Teenagers are wired to take risks to prepare themselves for leaving the cave (home) and for adulthood.  She went on to say that we as parents need to let our teenagers make ‘affordable mistakes.’  Affordable mistakes are mistakes where the consequences are not damaging in the grand scheme of life.  Examples of affordable mistakes include: not studying then getting a bad grade, forgetting lunch then being hungry, not wearing a coat then being cold.  These are natural consequences of choices made.  I am glad that many parents were able to attend this valuable talk.  A special thank you to Stacey Longshore for attending the talk and for summarizing this event.


Secondary Montessori Parent Education Night/PTSO Meeting

Tuesday, February 27 at Williams Montessori

6:00-6:30 pm PTSO meeting

6:30-8:00 pm Parent Education

 Meet in the Cafetorium for a brief PTSO meeting led by our PTSO president, Alexandra Hischen-Dombroski.

There will be presentations from Williams Montessori staff in various areas. Parents can select from a number of topics including PowerSchool for Parents, Planners/Checklists/Work plans, Mindfulness, Flipped Lessons, Adolescent Brain Development and more.  Plan to attend this informative educational evening to further understand the Montessori education your child is receiving.



 This documentary film by Delaney Ruston about growing up in the digital age is showing at Northwest School of the Arts, 1415 Beatties Ford Road, on Tuesday, February 27 at 6:30 pm.  This film will be shown in the new NWSA theater.  A facilitated panel discussion will follow the film.  Tickets are free and open to all.  RSVP to reserve your free ticket.  Check out for more information about this film along with a preview.


Williams Montessori Clubs

 The clubs listed below are active and meet regularly:

Robotics & Technology

Peer Leaders

Angler’s Club (Fishing)

Yoga Club

Spanish Club

Book Club


The clubs listed below are clubs students have signed up for, however no one has attended a meeting yet:

 Microeconomy Club

GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)


Cooking and Practical Life


For club descriptions as well as meeting times for each club, view WM Club Info.

 This is the survey that Williams Montessori staff conducted in the fall to determine which clubs students were interested in having at Williams Montessori.  Students are no longer able to take this survey, however if a student has an idea for a club they may email their advisor.

Additionally, here is a link to the student website.

Take note of

  • Advisory – take a look at some of the unique topics discussed in relation to developing the whole child.

  • Student announcements – these get erased and updated weekly.

  • Counselor page – upcoming events, career info and scholarship information.

  • Outside opportunities – service hours ideas.


Mountain Bike Club

Members of the MTB club attended a mountain bike clinic led by Paul Cunningham of Bike Source.

Riders need to order their jersey by this Sunday, February 11.

The Spring race schedule for the North Carolina Interscholastic Cycling League Race Series (NICA) is:

3/18 – Browns Creek, Elizabethtown

4/8 – Fisher Farm Park, Davidson

4/22 – Bigleaf Slopes, Statesville

5/6 – Dark Mountain, Wilksboro

5/20 – NCICL State Championships – Farris Memorial Park, Mayodan

Check out the NICA website for more information about this upcoming season.

Practice will be Saturdays from 1:00-3:00 pm.  Contact Mark Dombroski for questions.  Print and sign the waiver to participate.


Tuesday Bicycle Commute

The Tuesday commute for February 13 is ON.  Meet at the Southend Dunkin’ Donuts, 1831 South Blvd at 7:30 am for a 7:45 departure time.  Students should bring a helmet, water and probably gloves.  Return time is approximately 5:00 pm.  Contact Heather Ruckterstuhl for more details.

For the February 20th commute, we’ve got a plan for a new route through uptown Charlotte that includes a couple pick up stops for riders living in Elizabeth and Plaza Midwood neighborhoods.  This new route will begin in Freedom Park and riders will travel along the greenway.  The first stop will be at Elizabeth Ave. and the greenway (CPCC) to pick up riders from the Elizabeth area.  The second stop will be at 9th and the Rail Trail (The Charlotte Lab School) to pick up riders from the Plaza-Midwood neighborhood.  We will pre-ride this route to determine what time we will be at each pick up location and post those times prior to the ride on Feb. 20.  Stay tuned and consider joining us.  There is really nothing more joyful than a morning bike ride with students.


Wednesday Walk Throughs – 2/21, 3/7, 3/28

Interested to know what Secondary Montessori looks like in action? We have added more Wednesday Walk-Through dates to satisfy the demand for interest in our school!

 Sign-up for a Wednesday Walk Through, students will guide you through an introductory community meeting as well as take you on a tour of our new campus. You’ll get to see our campus as well as observe Secondary Montessori in action in several classroom environments. The visit will end with a Q&A session where students, current parents, and staff members will be available to answer questions about our school.

Sign up for a Wednesday Walk Through here.


Co-coaching opportunities

Ultimate frisbee is cool!  Help Tom Parks coach the Ultimate Frisbee team!  He can’t do it alone and needs someone to step up and help.  Contact Tom for details about this opportunity.


Our local community

Before our Montessori program moved to JT Williams, I was unaware of the non-profit organization, The Bulb.  As Ms Katherine began her role as our Agri-Science teacher and reached out into the local community, she connected with The Charlotte Dream Center and The Bulb.  Through Ms Katherine, I learned about The Bulb and the tremendous good they do for our neighbors in JT Williams and other communities in Charlotte.  The Bulb’s mission is, ‘To provide mostly local produce as well as education on health and wellness to vulnerable neighborhoods, namely food deserts.’  Williams Montessori resides in the JT Williams neighborhood (population about 600) which is a food desert.  A food desert is a location that does not have access to fresh produce and foods and this is largely due to a lack of grocery stores and farmers’ markets.  Every two weeks on Thursday afternoon, The Bulb sets up their market in our upper parking lot and distributes allotments of fruit, vegetables, poultry and meats to twenty selected families in the JT Williams neighborhood.  I think this market might be going on during carpool sometimes, so you might have seen it in action.  Wonderful things have ensued as this gathering occurs every two weeks.  Neighbors are connecting with one another and are sharing recipes and cooking ideas.  Children play while parents chat with the volunteers from The Bulb as well as with one another.  Our school, with our greenhouse, potential chickens and service oriented students aims to be a supporter of The Bulb.  I see great things in our future.  Thank you to Ms Katherine for connecting us to the community!




Send in your Boxtops!  Friday February 23 is the deadline. This will be the last submission for this school year and goes out on February 28.  Students should turn boxtops in to their classroom teacher.  Every clip counts.  Let’s do this 10 cents at a time.  A big thank you to Sherry Picerno for collecting and organizing boxtops for WM.

 Amazon Smile

Amazon users, consider using Amazon Smile for your purchases and select JT Williams as your charity of choice.  This will help us raise funds for our PTSO.  Click this link and click the Amazon Smile icon and follow the prompts.

 Harris Teeter

Link your Harris Teeter VIC card (if you shop at Harris Teeter) to Williams Montessori.  We are #1430.  Multiple schools can be linked to your VIC card.  These small fundraisers help our school.  Please remember to sign up.

 Photos needed for Yearbook and Historical Purposes

Teachers, staff, students, parents, guardians:

Upload your photos at this link. Since this is a general folder for all uploaded photos from multiple people, please rename them before you upload so we know what they are from. It’s super easy and quick to do from your computer or phone!

We are still missing photos (and videos) from the following events for Williams Montessori from first semester.

  • 9th grade intersession camp

  • 9th grade rites of passage

  • 9th grade intersession (any other activities or events)

  • Miscellaneous classroom and during the day school photos

  • November Open House event

  • Wednesday Walk-throughs

  • Upper El student visits to WM

  • Mountain biking practices

  • Tuesday Bike to School

  • Volunteer events (ex: Pop-up Market)

  • Various clubs or student activities

  • Other

Contact Karen Aman with any questions about photo uploading.


Like Williams Montessori on Facebook to keep up on current events and happenings.

 Join our parent discussion group on Facebook

Check out our website,


Upcoming Events

2/10 – MTB practice

2/13 – Tuesday bike commute

2/21 – Wednesday Walk Through

2/23 – Boxtops submission deadline

2/24 – CTE Fair

2/25 to 3/2 – Montessori Education Week

2/27 – PTSO Meeting/Parent Ed night

2/27 – Documentary film, Screenagers

3/2 – College Gear Day

3/28 – End of Quarter 3

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